Yet when it comes to planets outside our solar system

The SEC alleges that Stokke later traded in advance of Microsoft fourth quarter earnings announcement in July 2013. As part of his duties at Microsoft, Jorgenson prepared a written analysis of how the market would react to the negative news that Microsoft fourth quarter earnings were more than 11 percent below consensus estimates. He estimated that Microsoft stock price would decline by at least six percent.

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In astronomy, direct observation of new objects was once the gold standard for confirming their existence. For example, the existence of the planet Neptune was deduced from orbital perturbations of Uranus, but its official discovery date is the day Johann Gottfried Galle actually laid eyes on it through a telescope. Yet when it comes to planets outside our solar system (extrasolar planets or exoplanets), indirect observation has been the only significant evidence cheap jerseys, because significant technical challenges hamper direct imaging of these distant objects..

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